Yuval's Photo Album


Colorado, April 2008

Purim 2008

Noga's birthday 15 March 2008

Yom Huledet 1 Bagina

Mitspe Ramon , 21-23 Feb, 2008

Amit 1 year birthday party, Feb-2008

Amit, family & friends, Nov-Dec, 2007

Amit strives to stand up and other photos, November, 2007

Amit conquers France, 10-18 September, 2007

Amit is born,26 February 2007

The trip to Greece, September 2006

Tamar and Yuval's wedding,video clip

Tamar and Yuval's wedding,Part I: From the hairdresser till the chupah

Part II:Food, music, and dancing

Our trip to India and Nepal,October,2005. Part I: India

Part II: Nepal

Our trip to Eilat, August 5-7, 2005

our trip to Holland and Belgium, June, 2005

Tami's birthday, March, 2005 photos

June 25, 2004 party

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Phi Phi Island, Thailand; 27/Apr/2000 Phi Phi Island, Thailand; 27/Apr/2000 Ko Pingan (James Bond Island), Thailand; 26/Apr/2000

Raylay beack, Krabi, Thailand; 29/Apr/2000 Floating market, Bangkok, Thailand; 24/Apr/2000

San Pedro Volcano, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala; Aug/16/1996 Pecaya Volcano, Guatemala; Aug/14/1996 Amoudi, Ia, Santorini, Cyclades, Greece; Sep/30/1998

Mikonos, Cyclades, Greece; Oct/1998 Santorini, Cyclades, Greece; Oct/1998 Meribel, France; Jan/1999

Atmos Trio at Moadon Yuval; Apr/16/1999 Atmos Trio at Hotentot, Haifa; Apr/20/1999 Atmos Trio at Hotentot, Haifa; Apr/20/1999

Modern Times Quartet at Martef 10; Dec/17/1998

 Yuval Nogga and Gili at Haifa beach; Dec/1998

The pictures were taken by Yuval Shay-El

Some other family pictures are available.

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