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Oren Frank, guitar
Yuval Shay-El, piano & trumpet
Litto Zilberstein, percussion

NEW: Hear ATMOS on Radio

Hear the ATMOS sound:(Microsoft ADPCM 32000Hz 16-bit stereo 6.45sec 224K)

Hear an excerpt from Charles River:(Microsoft ADPCM 8000Hz 16-bit mono 1:00.35min 247K)

Hear aexcerpt (CD QUALITY!) from Charles River:(Wav Mpeg Layer3 44,100Hz 16-bit stereo 1:09min 1.1MB)

ATMOS Trio is available for performances.

Coming up concerts:
January 18, 2001, Martef 10, Haifa
March 15, 1999, Bicurey Haitim, Tel-Aviv
April 16, 1999, Moadon Yuval, Ramat-Hasharon
April 20, 1999, Hotentot, Haifa
ATMOS at hotentot, Haifa
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